Laser Welder

lazerwelderDue to the ability of our experienced team and steady hands, the seemingly impossible can now be done with our new self-contained laser welder. In keeping up with the constant advancements of technology, we will continue our mastery in the fine art of jewelry design, repair, and restoration. The laser can be used for welding platinum, gold, silver, titanium and other alloys (all of the traditional jewelry metals and base metals). The precision of the computer controlled spot-welder coupled with the small heat-affected zone and precise positioning of jewelry under a stereo-microscope allows us, as highly skilled jewelers, to offer you a broader range of service, with a 70% stronger weld than if the article was soldered by traditional methods. We now have the ability to fuse platinum jewelry to see a seamless product, restore vintage and antique jewelry, fabricate or repair fine detailed jewelry, and make repairs in heat sensitive areas. It is at its greatest use, however, in facilitating the execution of even more challenging designs allowing our imaginations to run rampant.

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