The Tears of the Gods

Amber is one of the oldest stones used in jewelry, dating back to lists compiled by Assyrian jewellers around 1000 B.C. The Greeks believed amber to be the Tears of the Gods or solidified sunshine. This gem is a bargain for pennies per millennia, while also spanning the seasons for fashion. This summer and fall color now reaches spring’s brown-out 2004, saying good-bye to black. The Miami Herald’s Erika Bolstad states that “the new yellow is defined by what it’s not: It’s definitely not the lemon yellow of a Key West cottage, and it’s more evolved that the avocado hues of the 1970’s. It’s an amber-colored palette, and it’s everywhere. The prediction from Leatrice Eisman of the Pantone Color Institute, forecasters of consumer colors, is that we are only in the beginning of the trend. Eisman says we are in an age where warm colors are comforting, and “we need all the nurturing we can get.” Baltic amber is the most prized and valuable; it is also the only amber that comes in an array of colors. We import direct from Latvia and have an incredible collection of amber in the most beautiful colors of yellow, red, and even rare green amber.

Amber, diamond, and jet are the only gems of vegetative origin.

“…the treasures of those times survived preserved in it, therefore amber contains joy and happiness. From ancient times people living in the territory of our motherland used to dig amber out of its burying places and enrich it with something from their own lives. They would inscribe pieces of amber with their feelings along with nice wishes, put them on strings, and give as gifts to their beloved ones so that they could accompany them in this or another life.”


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