Pensacola Jewelry Store

Pensacola Jewelry Store

Fine Jewellery Gallery & Museum of Ornamentation and Paleontology

Right next door to the Historic Rex Theater

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Unlike any jewelry store you’ve ever seen, actually, unlike any jewelry store we’ve ever seen, Rock Hard Designs is a destination experience for all ages. This is the culmination of the dreams of a visionary man. The historic storefront in downtown Pensacola, Florida is a sweet whisper of what is contained inside. We are located between Garden and Chase Streets on North Palafox (click here to view the contact page with address and map) across the street from the Federal Court House with the streets hugging the Martin Luther King memorial park. Look for the Rex and we’re right next door.

Photo by Bethany Lauren Photography of Carla and Rocky Hard 2014

Carla and Rocky Hard inside Rock Hard Designs, 16 N Palafox Street, Pensacola, Florida

Inside, you’ll likely have to let your eyes adjust. It’s a little like walking into a theater during the daytime, and the storyline and climax are just ahead. Rocky has collected genuine artifacts throughout the travels and Indiana Jones adventures his life has been blessed to experience. He calls his store a “Fine Jewellery Gallery and Museum of Ornamentation and Paleontology” for accurate reasoning.

Not only does he source and sell colored gemstones and diamonds directly from family-owned mines, create award-winning jewelry designs on premisis from ideation to fabrication and final completion, but he also displays the most extensive collection of historical relics outside of the finest and well-funded museums. His personal collection is a sight to behold.

Teachers bring their classes to the store for guided tours where Rocky recounts the history from the Dinousaur eggs to the Coptic Bible on down the line to Egyptian jewels that belonged to pharaohs and much much more. If you’re in for an adventure, you don’t want to miss this. Right here in Northwest Florida (aka LA, as in Lower Alabama), we have a dinosaur museum. Did you know you can see (and even touch!) dinosaur dung and eggs? Don’t forget to look up and see the Pterosaur soaring overhead with a 25 foot wingspan, this is a German made, museum quality replica (1 of 2).

Monkey Pod Philippine Warrior

Portal by Architectural Ceramisist Peter King



One of the most spectacular things about the store is that all custom jewelry is made on site. Rock Hard Designs is a jewelry store in Pensacola, Florida that focuses on superior quality craftsmanship with Jeff Spencer being the foreman of the workshop. We also work with premier designers around the world to bring their work to you for you to see and feel in downtown historic Pensacola. Rock Hard Designs carries impeccable jewelry, precious metals and the finest gems to bring your dreams to life. You can also bring in old jewelry you don’t wear anymore to have it made into a future heirloom and artifact. While we create to the highest craftsmanship, we also bring that same quality and knowledge to jewelry repairs.

Jeff Spencer, Master Metalsmith of Rock Hard Designs