Only at Rock Hard Designs Fine Jewellery

1. Regions only international Award Winning Jewellery Designs

2.The Theta Diamond- Symbol of Truth, the ultimate most perfectly cut diamond on the planet.  Diamonds of such perfection, one of only six jewellers in the world chosen to have them.

3.The Finest Diamond Collection in the region. Direct from No. 1 cutter in the world, S. Muller and Sons of Belgium. No Broker, Middleman Brand Names adding only cost.

4. One of the Greatest Gem Collections recognized by the American Gem Trade Association.

5. Custom design all In-House from wax model to finish casting with high performance ergonomic ideas which have gained International recognition.

6.Over 6,000 original designs- models in stock In House Casting- we can make all the above in any color or karat of gold as well as Palladium, Platinum & Silver

7. Laser Metalsmithing mastery in manufacturing and setting has helped win our International Awards in Innovative Ergonomic Design.

8. Hand Engraving in “Classical Deco” style as well as others.

9. Life Time Warranty built into every piece.

10. Certified Harmony Green Metals refined not mined.

11. Certified Ethical Gems